Importance of Skin Care

Today’s consumer is more discriminating and better informed than ever before.  She wants facts, not fiction, real benefits, not vague promises.  For both quality and effectiveness, VIVIANE products stand up to the closest scrutiny.  It is your job to inform and educate your customers, and your products will virtually sell themselves. 

To inform others, you must first be knowledgeable yourself.  This article provides vital facts about the nature of skin, education is an essential ingredient in the service you provide.  Study your products thoroughly and present them proudly.

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Skin Care Education

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Skin Care: Where Beauty Begins Know Your Skin: Lines/Wrinkles Cell Renewal: Nature's Rejuvenating Process

Working with Nature for Beautiful Skin

Questions about skin

Results Depending upon age, skin condition and previously used products, visible results will vary.  However, you will be able to feel results almost immediately.  Keep in mind wrinkles, sun damage and dehydration did not appear overnight.  VIVIANE products work from the inside out to help restore and repair the skin.  While many customers report positive changes in their skin’s appearance within the first week, it may take four to six weeks for some skins to experience the maximum benefits.

Soaps are made with fats, waxes and tallow which leave a residue.  You’ve seen this residue in soap dishes, bathtubs and shower stalls.  That same filmy residue is left on your skin every time you cleanse with a soap-based product.  Over time this residue becomes imbedded in your skin, pores are blocked and your skin prevented from receiving the moisture it so needs.  Soap is also very alkaline and damages the skin’s protective acid mantel and strips the skin of its natural oils.  With VIVIANE’S water soluble cleansers, this unwanted film is removed and your skin left soft, smooth and ready to absorb moisture.

Break out As embedded impurities in the skin begin to surface, some customers may experience a blemish or two as the skin begins its cleansing process.  These blemishes never last more than a few days.
Enlarged Pores

Pores sometimes become enlarged with sebum which is an oily substance that coats the hair shaft and the skin’s surface.  The oil glands dry and the follicle become clogged.  Because our skin today is exposed to more pollutants, dirt and grime than ever before, unless the skin surface is thoroughly cleansed, these elements can remain on the skin further causing pores to enlarge. 

Improper skincare can add to the problem.  Cleansing with heavy creams or applying moisturizing products containing certain waxes and oils can leave a residue on the skin’s surface which can collect inside the pores causing them to become enlarged. 

Cleansing the skin on a daily basis with Moistrio™ water soluble cleansers will help keep the pores free from impurities thus preventing the pores from becoming clogged.