Viviane Skin Care has been in the business of making skin look youthful and more vibrant for over 55 years. Our products have touched hundreds of thousands of faces and we are not stopping any time soon. Prevention is better than treatment and by properly maintaining your skin over time the benefits of Viviane Skin Care will become more and more noticeable. Use Viviane Skin Care today and save money in the future on expensive temporary treatments like face-lifts and Botox.




“Having used Viviane [Skin Care] for 25 years, people are very surprised to hear that I am 75 years old. They are truly astounded and stare at me, like they don’t believe it. My face is almost wrinkle free thanks to using Viviane.”



“I have been using and selling Viviane [Skin Care] for 42 years. I will be 70 in July. It is the best skin care.”



“I have been using Viviane [Skin Care] products since 1959.  I am 74 years old and started at age 19. My aunt Arnoldeane Smelser was a representative in the late 50’s, and 60’s.  She started me on your products for my 19th birthday.

I have always gotten complements on my lovely skin.  I am ‘old’ now, but my skin is still blemish free, soft, and looks very nice.

Thanks for a wonderful product that I have enjoyed using, with wonderful results for the past 55 years.”



“During the time I was ordering some Viviane [Skin Care] products, I mentioned I had been purchasing Viviane products since I was 19! I’m now 75. I’ve been using Viviane products all my life. I’m including a photo of myself at the age of 75, turning 76 in August with very few wrinkles.”



“My mother became a Consultant with Viviane [Skin Care] in 1971.  I was 16 years old.  She taught me the importance of skin care and specifically, how important it is to use moisturizer.  We both began using Viviane [Skin Care] moisturizer back then, and continue to use it to this day.  My mother is 81 years old now and I am 57.  We credit our beautiful, smooth skin to this wonderful moisturizer.  We love it!  Thank you for an amazing product.”


"In 1973 I answered an ad in the Stockton Record and met Vera who had me try the Moistrio™.  I fell in love with it.  Today everyone says I have beautiful skin.  I know it is part heredity, but mostly it is using Viviane skin care and makeup for years.   I have customers all over CA now including people in the Senior Complex that I live in.

I start my day with Enriched Cleanser, Toner and then E Lastifirm™ Serum followed by Enriched Moisturizer and the Intensive Hydration Mist which all add moisture.  At night, I use Cleanser and Toner and then I alternate between Advanced Anti-Aging Night Cream, Replenishing Complex (the night cream with Green Tea), Nutri-cell™ Complex and Vitamin C Restoring serum.  Every night I use the EyeRenue™ eye gel.  Then start over. Again, thanks, Viviane Skin Care for being such a great company.   Love and Hugs, Kate"



“I recently had my 70th birthday and a was in rehab for a hip replacement.  During my stay at the transitional care center none of the nurses or staff thought that I looked my age.  I told them that I have used Viviane Woodard skin care products since I was in college 50 years ago. One of the nurses went on line and purchased the moisturizer and cameo liquid makeup as she was so impressed with how the product looked on me. 

I love telling the story that keeping water (moisture) on you skin keeps it looking more like a Plum and not a dried up prune. Also, that the makeup lets your skin breathe and that oil in not moisture, but a lubricant and best for under eye and neck tissue. These things were taught to me years ago by Gertrude Gentry a consultant for Viviane Woodard for many years.  She was my age when I met her 50 years ago and never looked a day over 50.”


“I am writing to tell you that I have been using Viviane Moistrio products since I was 17!  This photo was taken of me now, at age 61!  I receive many compliments about my skin on a regular basis.  Of all of the things that have changed in my life, this is one aspect of my life that has remained the same!  It’s absolutely the best skin care!”



“I have used Viviane Skin Care products since I was 36 years old. My skin was dry before I was introduced to Viviane [Skin Care] products. I was so impressed with the beautiful condition of my skin after using your moisturizer that I became a consultant and later a distributor. I have only used Viviane [Skin Care] moisturizer since that time... I am now 81 years old and my skin is soft and youthful looking, thanks to your skin care products.”


"Right after I was married in 1961, I started using Viviane Woodard; loved it so much, within no time I was selling it. At that time, it was the only makeup endorsed by the Hollywood Society of Makeup Artists. When I opened my modeling school in 1967, we used VW skin care and makeup techniques. I have consistently used 5X moisturizer since then and love the compliments I receive on my skin as I approach age 75. One day I hope to use VIVIANE for a ladies “Beauty by the Bible” course but for right now I am engaged in ‘clowning around’ with Christian Clown Ministry.  And, yes, I use VIVIANE moisturizer under all of that rather harsh clown makeup. Here’s one of my clown characters ~ ‘QUIK DRAW’ ~ as a brightly colored but more natural “European Auguste” character clown, and with twirling pencils from my colorful holster, I reach out to the hearts and minds of children of all ages as I draw cartoons and tell Bible stories which have endured throughout generations."



"Viviane has been my product of choice since 1961.  The quality control is amazing. Count me in as  a loyal customer and distributor for life."



"I have spent hours boating and fishing and my skin is still very good."



"My Mom, Maxine Robinson, has been selling and using Viviane cosmetics and Viviane skin care products since the 60's. My whole life I've heard people comment on her beauty. Granted she is a beautiful lady, but she taught me how Viviane cosmetics can enhance a lady's beauty. I watched her do many make overs before it was a popular concept. I always loved the look in a lady's eyes when my Mom would hand them the mirror. Their smiles were priceless. She did not just sell Viviane Woodard products; she took pride in helping and teaching ladies how to enhance their natural beauty. She also always stressed the importance of skin care. I remember the demonstration using a prune. That always amazed everyone. My Mom did not just tell me how to use make-up and skin care products. I learned by watching her and seeing her love for the product she was selling. She really believed in Viviane Woodard. Maxine is still in the business of helping others feel beautiful with Viviane cosmetics. She is eight four years young and I think she looks amazing."



"My hairdresser’s wife introduced me to Viviane Woodard skin care products 44 years ago and I have been using them ever since. I will turn 76 in about 4 months and I credit these products for helping my skin retain a youthful appearance and minimize wrinkles. I love the way my skin looks and feels and so does my husband.

For the last several years many ladies have complimented me on my skin and wanted to know what I use. Also, I had a mild stroke two years ago and the nurses could not believe I was 74 years old and insisted I tell them what product I use. I proudly told all of them and anyone who wants to know that I have used Viviane Woodard skin care products since 1971.

The most interesting inquiry I had was about a year ago when I was walking through a mall. A young lady wanted to demonstrate another product on me. After talking for a few minutes she asked my age. When I told her she wanted to know what product I use and no longer wanted me to try her product."

 Carol and Dot


"Here is a recent picture taken at the Ms Senior America Pageant on October 30th. We have used Viviane Skin Care for over 40 years."

Carol-Ms Senior Oregon America
Dot-Screen Actors Guild Member


We want to thank each and every one of our lovely ladies for sharing their Viviane success story with us!  It is stories like these that let us know we are doing the right thing by selling truly effective products that make people feel good about their skin, and good about themselves.